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Read BASF delegate Nate Kelly's article about how to draft and submit proposals for CCBA's 2017 legislative program:

Justice through Laws - The Time to Change Laws is Now


2016 Conference of Delegates, September 30 – October 2 in San Diego

Read BASF delegate Matthew Mallett's article about the recent conference in San Diego:

Destined to Become Law? Sixty Resolutions are Approved at the Conference of California Bar Associations; Jim Brosnahan Honored

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Alicia Gamez

"It was time well spent. I met and worked closely with colleagues in my field and across California. I also gained valuable insight into what irks and pleases practitioners across practices and the substantive changes they put in play."

Catherine Rucker San Jose

"At the conference, it was time to debate.  My resolutions were called up on Saturday morning and because I was the proponent, I was allowed to speak for three minutes.  All of the other delegates who brought arguments for or against were allowed to speak for two minutes each.  In the end, I had one minute for closing."

Stan Sarkisov San Jose

"This year (my first year) I was assigned to BASF’s Property-Landlord-Tenant series.  Along with my BASF study group, I was responsible for creating BASF’s position on two resolutions regarding penalties for landlords who fail to comply with existing state law and the right to legal counsel during homeowner association internal dispute resolutions.  

It was a great CCBA conference in San Diego, and I look forward to next year’s conference in Anaheim. 

(And a big thank you to BASF for awarding me the scholarship which allowed me to go!)"