How We Work

Delegates are assigned to a study group, hopefully based on their area of practice or interest. Each study group is led by a member of the BASF delegation’s Executive Committee.

Study groups review their assigned group of resolutions, including the counterarguments and recommended positions, and the study group recommends what BASF delegation’s position should be on those resolutions.

The study groups are as follows:

  • Family/Children/Education
  • Probate/Estates/Trust
  • Civil Procedure
  • Property/Landlord/Tenant
  • Discovery
  • Criminal
  • Courts
  • Labor and Employment
  • Torts and Remedies
  • Drugs and Medical
  • Other

Delegation Caucuses

Before the CCBA conference in October, all of the study groups gather at three caucuses in San Francisco, present their findings, and vote on BASF’s position for each resolution.

Study groups recommend the following positions:

  • approval in principle
  • disapprove
  • approve as amended
  • action unnecessary

Delegates are expected to attend these caucuses which are held at the BASF offices, 301 Battery Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco.

Caucus dates for 2017 have not yet been set.

MCLE Credit

Delegates who have paid their BASF delegation fee may now earn MCLE credit for time spent on caucuses.

The CCBA Conference

At the conference which will be held October 6-8, 2017 in Sacramento, BASF is prepared to debate every resolution. You will vote on all resolutions called up for debate. You don’t have to vote the official BASF position. If you feel differently, you may speak to any resolution as an individual. You are responsible for your resolution(s), usually two or three. You should be prepared and available to speak on the conference floor and to drum up support for your position from other delegations.

Conference of California Bar Associations

To learn more about the CCBA, visit

Locations and Dates

The conference alternates between Northern and Southern California. In 2017, the conference will be held in Sacramento on October 6-8, 2017.

What are the expenses involved?

Each delegate is responsible for all expenses, including registering to attend the California Conference of Bar Associations. In addition, each delegate must register and pay the BASF Delegation Fee.

  • Registration fee for the California Conference of Bar Associations
  • BASF Delegation Fee $150 per delegate for MCLE at caucuses and hospitality suite fees
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals