Who We Are

We are The Bar Association of San Francisco's delegation to the California Conference of Bar Associations, California’s most influential legislation-writing organization. We are volunteer attorneys who are passionate about participating in the legislative process in California.

What is the California Conference of Bar Associations?

Local and specialty bars from around the state, including The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF), submit resolutions to the California Conference of Bar Associations (CCBA).

The resolutions are disseminated for possible counterarguments and recommended action by the Resolutions Committee, and finally, are debated at the annual CCBA meeting.

Many of the resolutions passed by the conference become part of the CCBA's legislative program and are proposed as legislation before the California legislature.

The BASF Delegation

The CCBA allocates seats at the conference to certified bar associations based on number of members.

BASF has one of the largest delegations. Download the 2016 BASF Delegation booklet and find out more about each delegate.

Download the 2017 Delegation Application. (83KBPDFPDF)

What do delegates do?

Study Groups

Delegates are assigned to a study group, hopefully based on their area of practice or interest.

The study groups are as follows:

  • Family/Children/Education
  • Probate/Estates/Trust
  • Civil Procedure
  • Property/Landlord/Tenant
  • Discovery
  • Criminal
  • Courts
  • Labor and Employment
  • Torts and Reemedies
  • Drugs and Medical
  • Other

Study groups are led by members of the BASF delegation's Executive Committee.

Study groups have the task of reviewing their assigned group of resolutions, including the counterarguments and recommended positions. Study groups recommend what BASF's delegation position on those resolutions should be.


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Ujvala Singh
Carlson Calladine & Peterson

Vice Chair

Alicia Gámez
Law Office of Alicia Gámez


Nate Kelly
Law Office of Nate Kelly